Industrial Water

industrial waterFigures show that industrial water usage composes over 80% of water consumption worldwide and Australia.  This has lead to a concerted effort to conserve water in every area possible.  ALS Group in recognition of the focus to reduce significant demands and reuse water where possible, offer the industrial sector a broad range of liquid storage solutions. 


ALS Group's experienced team can provide the most suitable containment solution for the industrial water Australia application, some of which are:-

For many years water was seen as  low-cost and perpetually renewable, so few measures were taken to conserve it. Fortunately this perception is changing within industries. Efficiency measures are being implemented to reduce industrial water usage and this has seen an increase in demand for containment vessels to facilitate the new technology involved.

Equipment failure is not measured by the cost of repair, but instead by the downtime and loss of manufacturing.  While initially the lowest cost may be more attractive, consideration should be given to the ramifications of a procurement decision based on cost only.  ALS will work with the relevant parties to understand performance and design requirements to provide the most appropriate solution from our extensive range.